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  • Caoimhe O'Connor

Going Viral on TikTok

As part of our Digital Technology and Design class, we had to formulate a social media strategy for a fictional society with the aim of going 'viral' on TikTok.

This required determining our target audience, setting timelines and goals, creating and scheduling engaging content, tracking progress, analysing and adapting to the needs and wants of our audience.


My team's society was called the 'Smurfit Nutrition Studio'. We aimed to position it as a friendly, Dublin based, student-orientated society. In other words, a society that engenders an appreciation and enjoyment of healthy eating among undergraduate and post-graduate students in Dublin, no matter what their lifestyle, dietary requirements or budget is.

The main aim of Studio’s TikTok content was to increase brand awareness and widen its audience by providing users with useful information, in an informal and easily digestible manner. Such useful content included nutritional information, Dublin restaurant recommendations, and healthy recipes.

Another key goal was to avoid follower fatigue and keep any followers gained. Hence, to add diversity, comedic and vlog-style content that is relevant to our target personas will also be produced.

Smurfit Nutrition Studio TikTok

TikTok's created by me:


Our ‘Best Burger’ (created by me) and ‘Day in the Life of a Smurfit Student’ videos reached 7.4k and 6.1k views respectively.

The key factors to our success were short video duration, listening to our audience, producing trend-based content, using clickbait, and piggybacking on popular topics, sounds and hashtags.

Arguably, better results could have been achieved had we invested in sponsored posts on TikTok. However, so as not to dilute our efforts, the team decided to focus on organic ‘viral’ strategies for the duration of this report.

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