• Caoimhe O'Connor

Social Media Project: @Topoftheflix

As part of a social media marketing module I undertook in my second semester, my group and I were tasked with creating a blog and promoting it using Facebook and Instagram. The aim was to gain a following, drive engagement and direct traffic to the blog, using both organic means and facebook ads (10 euro budget).

We chose to create a blog which provided Netflix UK & Ireland reviews and recommendations called, Top of the Flix.

To get a taste of our content you can check out our blog, or follow the @topoftheflix on Facebook and Instagram.

As is clear from our SMART goals, the blog was extremely successful on both platforms. This came from our dedication to setting timelines and goals, creating and scheduling engaging content, tracking progress, analysing and adapting to the needs and wants of our audience.

Click here to view our final report